Windows Phone 7 fan girl video: real or PR stunt?

Windows Phone 7 certainly has its fans. Microsoft has made great strides in adding new features via this year's Mango update. That's not to mention the fact that Samsung, HTC and of course Nokia have all released new smartphones based on the updated OS. But are all of these improvements inspiring people to make web videos to rap about how good it really is?

On the surface, that certainly appears to be the case in a new YouTube video that's making the viral rounds this week. It even showed up on Thursday's episode of Attack of the Show on the G4 cable TV network. The video shows four self proclaimed "Windows Phone fangirls" rapping to lyrics that were apparently sent to one of the rappers in the video, "MobieChick", via her Twitter page.

We will let the video speak, or rather rap, for itself. It's almost certainly a PR stunt generated, at least indirectly, by Microsoft via a marketing team for Windows Phone 7. But it does the job we think it was designed to do. It both entertains people for a little while but also educates and enlightens folks about the various features of the OS.

We wish more marketing and promotion for technology products were as fun and funny as the above effort. It just goes to show you that four ladies rapping about a mobile operating system can be entertaining, in their own special way.

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