Windows Phone 8 variant of Galaxy Note coming this Fall?

Samsung may have just announced its new Windows Phone 7.5 device, the Samsung Focus 2, but the company reportedly has even bigger plans to support Windows Phone 8 along with the PC-based Windows 8 OS later this fall. A report on Smarthouse claims that it spoke with a unnamed "senior executive at Samsung" where he allegedly revealed details about the company's slate of devices for both of Microsoft's operating systems.

The executive reportedly confirmed that Samsung will released two Windows 8-based tablets this fall, along with a Windows version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The unnamed exec is quoted as saying:

Microsoft still has a big installed PC base and there are a lot of Windows applications out there that consumers want to get on a portable device. Windows 8 allows us to deliver across multiple devices.

The report claims that Samsung will release an 11 inch and a 14 inch Windows 8 tablet device. Samsung already has Windows 7-based Slate touch screen tablets on sale.

The same article also repeats another rumor that we have reported on before; that Samsung will release a Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") device later this fall that will be based on the design of the just announced Android-based Samsung Galaxy III.

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