Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 includes hundreds of enhancements for Internet Explorer 11

WP 8.1 Update 1 | WP 8.1

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed that Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 would be released soon and that those of you in the Preview for Developers program would get the update starting next week, possibly on Tuesday.

Part of the update includes enhancements to Internet Explorer 11 - hundreds of enhancements, in fact. Microsoft says that, based on feedback that they have received, they have pursed a web experience that matches that of iOS and Android. The full quote is below:

We pursued a web experience for IE users consistent with what is available on iOS and Android devices – even where this meant we would be adding non-standard web platform features. We believe that this is a more pragmatic approach to running today's less-standardised mobile web.

This statement seems rather baffling and raises a few questions; for example, what type of experience were they pursuing before this, and why did it not work out? Anyways, Microsoft is saying that their web experience is now closer to that of Android and iOS which will make the mobile browsing experience even better.

According to their data, they tested the updated IE11 on 500 of the top mobile websites and found that on more than 40% of the sites, the update to the browser on Windows Phone improved the browsing experience.

If you want to read all the details about the underlying changes, you can hit the source link below but know that they are mostly affecting development of mobile sites, rather than end-user features. While they may not be new features to show off to mom and dad, they do support the browser and make it better for surfing the web, so they are certainly welcome.

Source: Microsoft

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