Windows Phone tops Android in "Very Satisifed" users, both lag behind Apple

If you ask anyone with a Windows Phone 7 device, for the most part, many enjoy the experience. Customer satisfaction has been quantified for many mobile platforms and Windows Phone 7 is beating out Android for customers that are “very satisfied” with the platform. But, both Android and Windows Phone, lag behind Apple in this category.

In a new report from Changewave Research (via, Windows Phone customers are topping Android for the consumer experience. The bit of irony to all of this is that while Windows Phone may have a better consumer experience, Android is dominating Windows Phone in market share.

But, it cannot be ignored that Apple is still reigning supreme in the customer satisfaction ranking. The company has been built on its premium products with an intuitive interface and this survey shows the fruits of that labor.

Both iOS and Windows Phone will receive large updates this Fall. iPhone users will be upgrading to iOS 5 and Windows Phone users will get their hands on the “Mango” update. Google continues to roll out incremental upgrades that are dependent on the vendor/carrier to push the update to the device.

This is a big win for Microsoft as they continue to push their new mobile platform. While Microsoft was late to the game with their refreshed OS, this type of victory is important to show the average consumer that the Windows Phone is worth researching.

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