WinXP Tweaking: From Relax to Righteous

We have had many viewers get a lot of help from our previous WinXP Tweaking Guide, so what could be better than another? Come join Koroush "PersianImmortal" Ghazi as he takes you even deeper into the Wonderful World of Windows XP. He'll be showing you how to get the absolute most out of your WinXP operating system!

Windows XP has been out for over a year now, and more and more people have taken to it as the OS of choice for a range of uses. You may have already read my first WinXP guide with the title Windows XP Tweaking: From Reformat to Relax. That guide covers all the essential known XP performance tweaks in a walkthrough style and is right up to date, so if you haven't read it, it's the first place you should go to for XP tweaking goodness. It's guaranteed to speed up your system.

View: WinXP Tweaking: From Relax to Righteous

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