WLAN Standards Get a Push

Officials from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers will meet in San Francisco this week to bring the wireless LAN industry closer to standards for high throughput, mesh networking and secure management frames. Since 802.11n was first proposed in the fall of 2003, the industry has been waiting for the standard, which is designed to increase WLAN throughput rates to at least 100M bps using multiple data streams in a single channel.

For months, the two leading standard proposals—TGnSync and WWiSE (Worldwide Spectrum Efficiency)—have been at a stalemate, neither being able to garner 75 percent of the votes, which is needed to move forward in the ratification process. Recently, the standards groups decided to compromise, but industry officials said that for now, the proposals remain the same. Perhaps by November, "there will be a single draft that people can get behind," said Craig Barratt, president and CEO of Atheros Communications Inc., in Sunnyvale, Calif. Atheros provides WLAN radios to companies such as Cisco Systems Inc.

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