Woman accuses Dell tech of being a peeping Tom

According to NBC News, Dianne Annunziato, a woman from North Richland Hills, is accusing a Dell Tech Support technician from India of being a peeping Tom. According to the woman, while on a tech support call, the guy at the other end decided to turn on her webcam without asking her permission. Suddenly, in the middle of the call, the woman saw herself in a tiny box on the screen and realized what was going on.

The woman says that "First, the technician started asking me what time of day it was." Then, she claims that a minute later, she could see herself on the screen. She says that "He turned on the webcam; he never asked, 'May I? Can I?' Not a word, he just turned it on."

Dell has apologized and is apparently looking into the incident saying that "An investigation is currently under way, and the company will administer the appropriate action when complete." However, not everyone at Dell seemed to take Annunziato so seriously. She claims that once she realized what was going on, she asked to speak with the technician's supervisor. She explained to the man that she could have been sitting in front of the computer naked. According to her, the supervisor began laughing. No one at Dell seemed to take her seriously enough to investigate at first--at least not until she called NBC about it. She feels that if such an invasion of privacy could happen to her, imagine how many other people it must happen to.

Here's a video of the news report:

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