Xbox One can play DVD-Rs but not recordable Blu-Ray discs

Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox One cannot play 3D Blu-ray discs, although that feature could be added sometime in the future via a software upgrade. Now it's been revealed that the console also cannot play content that has been burned to a recordable Blu-Ray (BD-R) disc.

Microsoft's own site states that the console "only supports mastered Blu-ray discs and DVDs." However, the HDTVTest site is reporting that the Xbox One can in fact play content that's been burned on DVD-R discs. That's good news for people who order DVDs online for old TV shows that are burned on demand, rather than mastered ahead of time.

However, HDTVTest says the same cannot be said of BD-R discs. It states, "We tried both single and dual layer discs of various brands and types to rule out media incompatibility, and none would play." That means that anyone who makes home movies and burns them to those discs cannot play them on the Xbox One. It also means programs that are designed to calibrate HDTVs that are burned on a BD-R disc, such as the AVS HD 709 application, won't work on the Xbox One. We have emailed Microsoft to find out if support for BD-R discs will be added to the Xbox One in a future update.

Sony's online manual for the PlayStation 4 does reveal that the console can play BD-R/RE discs. However, it does not support playback of discs formatted with BD-RE version 1.0 or BD-R/RE XL.

Source: HDTVTest | Image via Microsoft

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