Xbox One update introduces "black screen" issue

The latest update for Microsoft’s Xbox One included a number of highly anticipated features and positive changes. Unfortunately, it has also introduced a fairly significant bug.

Artist's rendition of what the "black screen bug" may look like

Users on reddit and the official xbox forums have reported that their screens sometimes “go black” after pressing the Xbox button to go to the home screen. While users can still hear audio, the only fixes that can bring back video output are either unplugging the Xbox One power cable or, more simply, holding down the power button for approximately ten seconds to perform a hard reset.

Thankfully, the Xbox support team appears to be aware of the issue and has reached out to at least one affected user via twitter. Although we assume that this bug will be addressed rather quickly, it does come at an unfortunate time given that Microsoft has only just opened the floodgates for the beta of its most anticipated next generation title.

Have you suffered from this particular issue while playing your Xbox One? Should we call this bug the “black screen of death”? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamespotimage via Neowin

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