Xbox360's A/C Adaptor Looks Set to be a Monster

Photos have been emerging around the web showing the external A/C adaptor that will come with the Xbox360, and it looks to be slightly on the large side. In fact, in some photos it could be as close to half the size of the console itself. Size was obviously on the mind of the design department this time around, as one of the main criticisms surrounding the original xbox was its large size compared to the PS2 and the tiny Game Cube.

So it seems that they had to compromise this time around, producing what looks like a very neat and tidy console, with the A/C adaptor housed outside of the console. Whilst hiding a large brick behind your shiny new console will not be to everyone's taste, this reporter certainly is glad that he wont have to purchasing a whole new TV cabinet this time around to house a consol.

There have been pictures posted on the beyond3d forums.

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