You can now pre-order Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller [Update]

Last month, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an Xbox One controller that's aimed at people with disabilities. Today, the new device is available for pre-order from the Microsoft Store, for the price of $99.99.

Along with two big programmable buttons, the device has a series of 3.5mm jacks for plugging in peripherals, and there's one for every button on a standard Xbox Wireless Controller. There are also USB ports on the sides for connecting joysticks.

It also supports Microsoft's Copilot feature, which allows you to link to controllers together. For example, if the player struggled to hold a normal controller with both hands, they could use one controller in one hand and another controller in the other, handling the directional pad with one and buttons with the other device.

The listing for the Xbox Adaptive Controller actually says that it will ship this fall; however, if you place the device in your shopping cart, it provides a shipping date of August 3.

To pre-order, you can find it on the Microsoft Store here.

Update: Microsoft reached out to us to say that the August 3 date was an error, and that the Xbox Adaptive Controller will ship in September. When pre-ordering, the shipping date now says September 30.

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