You won't be able to change the default browser or search engine in Windows 10 S

Microsoft held an event in New York City today that focused on new efforts from the company in the educational market. It announced an entirely new SKU of Windows, called Windows 10 S, in which users can only use apps that are downloaded from the Store.

Because of this restriction, users of the new OS won't be able to install things like Google's Chrome browser, meaning that you'll pretty much be stuck with Edge unless you want to pay the $49 fee to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. There's a bigger problem though, which is that even if Google ports Chrome to the Windows Store, or you find another browser that you like there, Windows 10 S won't allow you to change your default browser.

First spotted by Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft plainly says so in a Windows 10 S FAQ. But on top of that, you won't even be able to change your default search engine, which means that you're stuck with Bing on Edge.

Windows 10 S is primarily aimed at the educational market, so it does make sense that Microsoft wants students growing up using its services. After all, the next laptop that you pick up probably won't be running this version of the OS, and some of the ones that will be, such as Microsoft's Surface Laptop, will offer a free upgrade (for a limited time) to Windows 10 Pro if you choose to use it.

Still, it's always a bit unsettling to hear that Microsoft is locking down any version of its OS to its own browser and search engine, especially when there's a $49 fee to unlock that ability.

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