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Thanks Bob of Activewin for sharing this info with us folks here at Neowin. They have done a rather extensive guide into Windows Server 2003 which is a cracker and worth while read. Here is an excerpt:

    Microsoft has been listening to the requests of the Admin and Developer alike and provides each with a solution that we can be proud of. Many of you have heard of the tightened security in 2003. Usually tighter security comes with a price, your time, just look at Linux. (Although in its defense, Linux is getting significantly better.) This time, Microsoft has security locked down tight, and there are no apparent problems with the ease of use. If anything, the OS seems easier to use than before.

    Another notable feature that Microsoft has added in Windows 2003 that I did not have time to elaborate on much in this review because of time constraints is VSS. The Volume Shadow copy Service is a new service in 2003 that is similar to the Salvage Bin in Novell. An Administrator can enable this service on a drive of a server and periodically the server will take snapshots of the drive. With this new feature, end users can recover a file if it has been deleted, or even retrieve a previous version if an older on is needed for whatever reason. Look into it further if you get a chance.

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