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Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master is a multi-clipboard program for Windows. If you copy something to the Windows clipboard, Clipboard Master takes note of this. With Clipboard Master, you can copy, paste, collect, organize and store not only text, but images, files and folders as well. It works in all Windows programs. This means that you can copy text, images, files and folders from any Windows program and paste them into any Windows program. Clipboard Master stores up to 10,000 entries.

With Clipboard Master, you can:

Copy content from any Windows program

  • You can copy, collect, organize and store text and images (also multiple) from any Windows program.
  • The previous copies - contrary to the internal Windows copy and paste function - are retained: for example, you can copy multiple sentences from a document and later paste the individual sentences into another program.
  • As Clipboard Master can store multiple copies, Clipboard Master also gives you the option of organizing the collected copies into separate clipboards. For example, you can create an archive of frequently needed text templates. An archive of frequently needed code templates can also be very useful for programmers.
  • Clipboard Master stores multiple entries from the Windows clipboard in its own list. You can also paste multiple entries that you have previously copied to the Windows clipboard at once.

Paste content into any Windows program

  • With Clipboard Master, you can paste text and images (also multiple) into any Windows program.
  • Using the Clipboard Master multi-clipboard, not only can you paste the last copy, you can also use the previous copies. You can paste a single entry from your copies, paste entries in any order or also paste multiple entries at once.
  • As Clipboard Master supports nearly all Windows program, you can automatically fill out forms with the multi-clipboard or distribute collected text throughout Excel table cells.
  • Clipboard Master comes with many frequently needed text templates for letters and email.

Clipboard Master 5.5.0 new features:

  • Revised some dialogs
  • Reprogrammed displaying the list Liste: now faster and less memory usage.
  • Improved the pinned menus
  • Drag & Drop: filenames with unicode characters are now handled correctly
  • Updated some components, fewer files (dll, ocx) are required
  • Hotkeys like Strg + k ,1 are now possible
  • New macro function: Windows Explorer: new Tab (Windows 11) and reopen last closed tab
  • Files in zip folders and attachments in Outlook are now handled correctly

Fixed problems and bugs:

  • Dialog 'Search and replace': fixed display problem
  • Drag & Drop did sometimes not work
  • Fixed bug with then network clipboard
  • Fixed bug with autotext
  • Other formats were sometimes not saved
  • fixed some minor issues

Download: Clipboard Master 5.5.0 | 13.0 MB (Freeware)
View: Clipboard Master Website

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