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KeePassXC 2.7.0


KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePassX, a native cross-platform port of KeePass Password Safe, with the goal to extend and improve it with new features and bugfixes to provide a feature-rich, fully cross-platform and modern open-source password manager.

KeePassXC currently uses the KeePass 2.x (.kdbx) password database format as its native file format in versions 3.1 and 4. Database files in version 2 can be opened, but will be upgraded to a newer format. KeePass 1.x (.kdb) databases can be imported into a .kdbx file, but this process is one-way.

Main Features

  • Secure storage of passwords and other private data with AES, Twofish or ChaCha20 encryption
  • Cross-platform, runs on Linux, Windows and macOS without modifications
  • File format compatibility with KeePass2, KeePassX, MacPass, KeeWeb and many others (KDBX 3.1 and 4.0)
  • SSH Agent integration
  • Auto-Type on all supported platforms for automagically filling in login forms
  • Key file and YubiKey challenge-response support for additional security
  • TOTP generation (including Steam Guard)
  • CSV import from other password managers (e.g., LastPass)
  • Command line interface
  • Stand-alone password and passphrase generator
  • Password strength meter
  • Custom icons for database entries and download of website favicons
  • Database merge functionality
  • Automatic reload when the database was changed externally
  • Browser integration with KeePassXC-Browser for Google Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, and Mozilla Firefox.

KeePassXC 2.7.0 release notes:

Major Additions

  • Implement KDBX 4.1 [#7114]
  • Add direct write save option for cloud storage and GVFS [#6594]
  • Prevent screen capture on Windows and macOS [#6030]
  • Support quick unlock using Windows Hello [#7384]
  • Support quick unlock using Apple Watch [#5526]
  • Allow specifying database backup paths [#7035]
  • Add tag functionality [#6487][#7436][#7446]
  • Add password rating column to entry view [#4797]
  • Add group clone action [#6124]
  • Show modifications between entry history items [#6789]
  • Ability to bulk-delete and purge unused custom icons [#5970]
  • Support adding custom passphrase wordlists [#6799]
  • Support passphrase wordlists in numbered and PGP-signed formats [#6791]
  • Implement support for hardware keys via wireless NFC [#6895]
  • SSH Agent: Add support for OpenSSH 8.2 FIDO/U2F keys [#6371]
  • CLI: Implement attachment handling [#5538]
  • CLI: Add support for okon in offline HIBP checks [#5478]
  • CLI: Implement search command and remove locate [#6805]
  • CLI: Add db statistic output to db-info command [#7032]
  • CLI: Add -i/--include option to generate command. [#7112]
  • CLI: Add a -n (--notes) option to add and edit commands [#4646]
  • CLI: Add keyfile option to import command [#5402]
  • CLI: Adding a best option to clip to copy a password of the best match [#4489]
  • Browser: Add Microsoft Edge support on Linux [#7100]
  • Browser: Support native password generator from the extension [#6529]
  • Browser: Add group settings [#4180]
  • Browser: Add feature to ignore entries for HTTP-Auth Logins [#5394]
  • Browser: Support triggering Auto-Type from browser extension [#6272]
  • Browser: Add delete-entry command to API [#6899]
  • Browser: Add search 'by-path' url to API [#5535]
  • Browser: search for entries by UUID to API [#4763]
  • Browser: Support auto-download of favicon on entry addition [#7179]
  • Auto-Type: Major improvements to Auto-Type [#5864][#7463][#7435][#7391][#7129][#6400][#6364][#6361][#5283][#7507]
  • Auto-Type: Fix typing to virtual machines on Windows [#7366]
  • Auto-Type: Re-implement X11 keysym emulation [#7098]
  • Auto-Type: Support multiple Xkb layouts [#6247]
  • Auto-Type: Abort keystroke if modifiers held on X11 [#6351][#6357]
  • Auto-Type: Add TOTP option to entry level Auto-Type menu [#6675]
  • FdoSecrets: Major Refactor and Code Consolidation [#5747][#5660][#7043][#6915]
  • FdoSecrets: Implement unlock before search [#6943]
  • Reports: Add browser statistics report [#7197]

Major Changes

  • Port crypto backend to Botan [#6209]
  • Improve attachment handling and security [#6606][#5034][#7083]
  • Allow selecting any open database in unlock dialog [#5427]
  • KeeShare: Remove checking signed container and QuaZip dependency [#7223]
  • Introduce security option to enable copy on double click (default off) [#6433]
  • Add 'delete entry without confirm' functionality [#5812]
  • Improve macOS and Windows platform integration [#5851]
  • Lock only the current database by default [#6652]
  • Show expired entries on DB unlock [#7290]
  • Update D-Bus adaptor interface class name to match definition file [#7523]

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Add countdown progress bar to TOTP preview [#6930]
  • Enter favicon url directly on icons page [#6614]
  • Set C++17 as standard in the build system [#7180]
  • Internalize ykcore into code base [#6654]
  • Transition to Visual Studio builds on Windows [#5874]
  • Ability to delete entries from health check reports [#6537]
  • Enhance remembering last-used directories [#6711]
  • Implement org.freedesktop.appearance.color-scheme support on Linux [#7422]
  • Support sorting HTML export [#7011]
  • Add display number of characters in passphrases [#5449]
  • Use Alt+Tab on macOS to switch between databases [#5407]
  • Add feature to sort groups using shortcut keys [#6999]
  • Add CTRL+Enter to apply password generator changes [#6414]
  • Display Database created timestamp on statistics report [#6876]
  • Browser: Improve best matching credentials setting [#6893]
  • SSH Agent: Use both Pageant and OpenSSH agent simultaneously on Windows [#6288]
  • SSH Agent: Allow using database path to resolve keys [#6365]
  • SSH Agent: Show correct error messages in main window [#7166]
  • Multiple fixes for MSI installer [#6630]
  • Fix tab order for CSV import dialog to match screen order [#7315]
  • Don't mark kdbx:// urls as invalid [#7221]
  • Make selected text copyable instead of copying password [#7209]
  • Detect timestamp resolution for CSV files [#7196]
  • Fix crash while downloading favicon [#7104]
  • Correct naming of newly generated keyx files [#7010]
  • Place the 'Recycle Bin' at the bottom of the list when groups are sorted [#7004]
  • Handle tilde with custom browser paths [#6659]
  • Don't scroll up when deleting an entry [#6833]
  • Set the MIME-Type to text/plain when using wl-copy on wayland [#6832]
  • Fix adaptive icon painting [#5989][#6033]
  • Fix favicon download from URL with non-standard port [#5509]
  • Ignore recycle bin on KeePassHTTP migration [#5481]
  • Fix keepassxc-cr-recovery utility [#7521]
  • Fix Auto-Type not working when audio recording indicator is active on macOS 12.2+ [#7526]

Download: KeePassXC 2.7.0 (64-bit) | Portable ~40.0 MB (Open Source)
Links: KeePassXC Website | Other Operating Systems | Screenshots

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