LockHunter is a free tool to delete files blocked by something you do not know. LockHunter is useful for fighting against malware, and other programs that are blocking files without a reason. Unlike other similar tools it deletes files into the recycle bin so you may restore them if deleted by mistake.

Key Features:

  • Shows processes locking a file or folder
  • Allows to unlock, delete, copy or rename a locked file
  • Allows to kill locking process
  • Allows to remove locking processes from hard drive
  • Can unload DLLs from processes
  • Integrates in to Explorer menu
  • It deletes files into the recycle bin, so you may restore them if deleted by mistake
  • Supports both 32 and 64bit Windows

Version release notes:

Bug fixes

  • On some configurations the program stopped displaying its UI
  • It was impossible to select a locked file from the open file dilog ('file in use' error)
  • The program displayed a wrong message on command line "delete" command
  • Incorrect order of "kill" command when called with "delete" switch ("delete" called before "kill" which lead to inabilty to delete a blocked file)
  • A message may display even when the program called with "silent" command line switch
  • The program displayed success message on deletion failure of a folder
  • Some minor interface glitches in classic Windows theme fixed
  • Command line may loose some parameters when run from non elevated environment

New features

  • Now command line return non zero exit code in case of unsuccessful operation. Find list of exit codes in the manual
  • "delperm" command line switch added. It allows to delete a file permanently without taking it to the Recycle Bin

Download: LockHunter | 2.9 MB (Freeware)
View: LockHunter Home Page

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