PC Decrapifier 3.0.1

PC Decrapifier

Is your PC running slow? Even brand new PCs often come with LOTS of pre-installed software that can cause that new machine to come to a crawl. Others may have a PC that's a couple years old and we're the ones that installed a bunch of junk! It happens to the best of us. We try a bunch of programs over time and forget to remove them.

The PC Decrapifier is a program designed to remove or uninstall a specific list of unwanted software in an unattended fashion. It can be used to clean off most of the annoying software that is typically shipped with new PCs.

The PC Decrapifier will uninstall many of the common trialware and annoyances found on many of the PCs from big name OEMs. The PC Decrapifier is free for personal use, if you use this program for commercial purposes, you will require a commercial license.

Download: PC Decrapifier 3.0.1 | 1.9 MB (Free for non-commercial use)
View: PC Decrapifier Website

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