Tixati 2.41


Tixati is a free and easy to use BitTorrent client featuring detailed views of all seed, peer, and file transfer properties. Also included are powerful bandwidth charting and throttling capabilities, and a full DHT implementation. Tixati is one of the most advanced and flexible BitTorrent clients available. And unlike many other clients, Tixati contains NO SPYWARE, NO ADS, and NO GIMMICKS.

Tixati portable version is meant to run on a USB flash drive or other portable media. It stores all it's configuration files in the same folder as the executable binary files, and all file paths are stored in a format relative to the program executable folder.

It is important you do not delete the "tixati_portable_mode.txt" file within the executables folder. This file is what triggers Tixati to run in portable mode. (The executable binaries are actually the same as the standard edition binaries.)

When running the portable edition from a USB flash drive, especially one that is formatted in FAT16/FAT32, you may experience some lag when initially loading a new transfer. This is because initializing and allocating large files on flash-based media consumes a greater amount of time and resources compared to a conventional hard-drive.

Tixati has the following features:

  • detailed views of all aspects of the swarm, including peers, pieces, files, and trackers
  • support for magnet links, so no need to download .torrent files if a simple magnet-link is available
  • super-efficient peer choking/unchoking algorithms ensure the fastest downloads
  • peer connection encryption for added security
  • full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) implementation for trackerless torrents, including detailed message traffic graphs and customizable event logging
  • advanced bandwidth charting of overall traffic and per-transfer traffic, with separate classification of protocol and file bytes, and with separate classification of outbound traffic for trading and seeding
  • highly flexible bandwidth throttling, including trading/seeding proportion adjustment and adjustable priority for individual transfers and peers
  • bitfield graphs that show the completeness of all downloaded files, what pieces other peers have available, and the health of the overall swarm
  • customizable event logging for each download, and individual event logs for all peers within the swarm
  • expert local file management functions which allow you to move files to a different partition even while downloading is still in progress
  • 100% compatible with the BitTorrent protocol
  • Windows and Linux-GTK native versions available

Changes in Tixati 2.41:

  • new Notification settings window accessible via Settings > User Interface > Behavior
  • new channel shared data fast syncronization protocol that synchronizes all member shared links within minutes
  • numerous optimizations in the handling of shared data in channels, especially for large collections
  • auto-segmenting of channel info and member shared data, so minor changes or additions do not invalidate all data
  • fixed problems with manual editing of channel shared data on Windows systems
  • file/folder moves and renames will be retried after temporary errors such as file-access locking by other processes
  • rigid sequencing of per-file move on complete, whole-transfer move on complete, file shell commands, and transfer shell commands
  • final rename of incomplete-named files is better-incorporated into move on complete logic
  • final rename of incomplete-named files will be retried after temporary errors, unless manually cancelled
  • file open-linger times extended slightly when less than 20 handles are open (better compatibility with some AV scanners)
  • fixed transfer startup grey-file problem when not using "error on missing files" setting
  • checking now excludes freshly-allocated files or freshly-extended sections
  • minor fix in piece prioritization to avoid selection of allocating yet existing pieces under rare conditions (eg. extending files)
  • differentiated handling between Linux EACCESS error (hard-stop) and Windows (temporary error/soft-stop)
  • additional checking and delays for seed ratio stop and seed count stop features, to prevent stopping in middle of move on complete
  • minor fixes to file/xfer status while waiting to move
  • a file complete, delete, reallocate cycle will now use incomplete naming correctly
  • inner file-only move can be cancelled from transfer main menu
  • better handling of inter-device moves when interrupted by a file rename
  • fixed crash when loading corrupted configuration .dat files
  • a few minor fixes in configuration .dat saving routines
  • a multi-file transfer that has only a single file selected will now correctly open the file by right-click or double-click main transfer
  • double-click on transfer now initially defaults to Open File/Folder instead of Start/Stop
  • other minor GUI fixes have been made in several areas of the program
  • updated IP-location tables

Download: Tixati 2.42 32-bit | 14.4 MB (Freeware)
Download: Tixati 2.42 64-bit | 14.7 MB
Download: Portable Tixati 2.42 | 59.8 MB
Download: Tixati 2.42 for Linux
View: Tixati Website

Update: Tixati version 2.42 is now available

  • eliminated occasional channel member permission rapid-toggling during download of cached messages
  • applied optimizations to channel configuration loading routines to prevent slowdowns when loading channels with many members
  • minor adjustments to peer message timing routines for transfers
  • fine-tuning of channel shared data syncronization algorithms and protocol to improve efficiency
  • a few other minor fixes to improve compatibility with systems that have file-scanning utilities such as auto-backup or AV
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