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NordVPN and NordPass Early Black Friday deals let you save big on subscriptions

You can save up to 75% on a two-year subscription bundle to NordVPN and NordPass Premium via Neowin Deals, or get the same deal directly from NordVPN for the equivalent of $3.48/month.

nordvpn pass

Stay private online and keep your passwords organized and protected with these highly reviewed, top of the line apps.


There's no shortage of VPNs on the market, but few can match the ratings that NordVPN brings to the table. Earning an extremely rare "Outstanding" rating from PC Mag, this bulletproof security solution lets you say goodbye to Internet browsing restrictions and hello to private, unrestricted access. All data sent through NordVPN’s private tunnels is double encrypted (double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption), keeping you anonymous and hiding your information. And, with zero logs recorded, you can surf with absolute peace of mind.

  • Secure any Internet connection: public Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular networks & more
  • Bypass content restrictions & stay anonymous
  • Rest easy knowing that your activity is not recorded anywhere (no log policy)
  • Get online access anywhere w/ 3,521 worldwide server locations in 61 different countries
  • Enjoy high speed connections for streaming video & content access
  • Automatically shut down your site as soon as the VPN connection drops, so no data is revealed

nordvpn pass

NordPass Premium

Passwords are the front line for your online account security. However, they should work for you and not the other way round. Get NordPass and let it do the job for you - remember and autosave all your complex passwords, autofill online forms, generate strong passwords when needed, and more. With all-account sync, NordPass lets you access your online accounts whenever you need them. Worried about data phishing, hacking, and other threats? Following the latest security practices and industry standards, including XChaCha20, zero-knowledge architecture, master password, backups & sync, and two-factor authentication, NordPass makes sure your data stays safe.

  • Remembers & autosaves all your complex passwords, auto-fill online forms, generates strong passwords when needed, and more
  • Saves your passwords once & syncs across all devices and platforms you use
  • Follows the latest security practices & industry standards
  • Offers friendly award-winning customer support team to answer any questions 24/7

nordvpn pass

Bundle deal Via Neowin Deals works out to $4.16/month.

A two-year subscription bundle to NordVPN and NordPass Premium normally costs $406, but it can be yours for just $99.99 for a limited time, that's a saving of $306.01 (75%) off. For specifications and license info please click the link below.

Get NordVPN and NordPass Premium for 2-years at $99.99

Via NordVPN

If you purchase a one or two year NordVPN subscription before Nov 30, you will get three free months added on for a total of 15 months (1 year) or 27 months (2 year) discount deals.

Get NordVPN / NordPass directly for up to 68% off

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