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Save 98% off the 2021 Complete Angular Developer Certification Bundle

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Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 98% off the 2021 Complete Angular Developer Certification Bundle. This 64-hour course on fundamentals of Angular, Advanced RxJS, Nx Monorepos and more helps you kickstart your lucrative web development career.

This bundle includes the following courses:

  1. EnterpriseNG: Fundamentals of Angular
    Master the Fundamentals of Angular in Just 13 Hours
  2. EnterpriseNG: Advanced RxJS
    Take Your RxJS Skills to the Next Level
  3. EnterpriseNG: Build for Accessibility with Angular
    Get Started with Web Accessibility in a Realistic Scenario Using the Angular Framework
  4. EnterpriseNG: Advanced Application Architecture with Micro-Frontends
    Learn, Build & Deploy a Micro App-Based Solution to Production
  5. EnterpriseNG: Develop at Scale with Nx Monorepos
    Effectively Manage Monorepo & Gain All the Benefits While Mitigating the Costs
  6. EnterpriseNG: Learn NgRx from the Creators of Ngrx
    Go from Inactive to Reactive When Building Angular Applications Using the NgRx Architecture
  7. EnterpriseNG: Reactive Angular
    Think & Write Reactively In Angular While Coding Up a Fully-Reactive Angular Project
  8. EnterpriseNG: Unit Testing Angular Like a Boss
    Know the Basic, Tools, & Best Practices of Unit Testing
  9. EnterpriseNG: Reactive Forms in Angular
    Build Robust Data-Entry Forms with Angular Reactive Forms
  10. EnterpriseNG: Angular for Architects
    Use Data in Your Applications to Solve Everyday Architecture Challenges

What's the deal?

This 2021 Complete Angular Developer Certification Bundle normally costs* $2,000, but you can pick it up for just $39.99 for a limited time - that represents a saving of $1,960.01 (98%). For a full description, specs, and instructor info click the link below.

Get the 2021 Complete Angular Developer Certification Bundle

Not for you?

That's OK, there are other deals on offer you can check out here.

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