27,000 South Koreans file lawsuit against Apple

The iPhone has been the target of privacy concerns earlier this year. Today, the phone's maker Apple is dealing with a class action lawsuit filed by a large number people who claim their privacy was violated by owning an iPhone. The Associated Press (via Yahoo) reports that 27,000 South Koreans are taking part in the lawsuit and are asking for a total of $26 million in total damages from the company. That's about $932 per person.

At issue is the discovery earlier this year that Apple was storing the locations of iPhones for up to a year. Since this revelation was made, Apple has claimed it has changed how it handles collecting location data from the iPhone and has also sent a software update that eliminates what it calls a bug that still allowed location info to be sent to Apple even if location features on the phone were turned off. However, those actions were apparently not enough for the people now involved in the new class action lawsuit. The article states that South Korea's regulator, the Korea Communications Commission, also fined Apple earlier this month for violating that country's laws concerning online location info.

Earlier this year Apple decided to settle a similar lawsuit filed by a South Korean citizen, Kim Hyung-suk, for $946. It's possible that the attorneys behind this new class action lawsuit are looking to receive a similar settlement claim against Apple. For its part, Apple itself has yet to comment about this latest legal action against the company.

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