34 Nations 3D screensaver

Thanks oDD who has replied to the ton of emails he got requesting flags per nation, heres what he had to say: When Microsoft released their latest 3D screensaver I was dissapointed they didnt allow for the option to change the flag shown. If your not American then this screensaver is useless.

So I edited the screensaver, changed it to Australian and posted the news on Neowin.net. Next minute I know everyone wants one in their nations flag. So here is a tute on how to change the flag, the screensavers name and the screensavers icon.

I whipped up a 32 nations (not being biased at all to any or anyone) to save people some time in doing it themselves, if you want others u can either read the how-to below and do it yourself (2 added since the email was sent)

or beg me to do one for u :P - Thanks oDD!

View: 3D Flags conversion + Tutorial

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