3D Instant Messaging system unveiled

With the rising popularity of instant messaging There, a company which has been working for the last four years in secrecy, have created what they tout to be the 'killer app' of the Internet. They have created an instant messanger that supports a 3D world and they're looking for people to beta-test the software from today.

It allow users to drive vehicles, shop, take guided tours, talk and share special occasions such as Valentine's Day in the 3D world where special events will be created.

The CEO of There has claimed that "Facilitating interactions between people is the Internet's killer application, and for the first time, There will make online socialising a truly engaging experience".

Despite the hype time will tell whether this is to be a success. Everquest has proven there is a market for systems like this; however there have been many 'virtual worlds' that have failed already in a commercial sense, and There are hoping this will be a financial success in the long run. Expect a final version in autumn.

News source: ZDNet

View: There.com

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