8bitdo updates its range of controllers to support the Nintendo Switch

In what comes as a bit of a surprise, 8bitdo has released a firmware update that will allow its controllers to work with Nintendo's Switch console.

If you're unfamiliar with 8bitdo, the company offers a wide range of controllers that take inspiration from classic consoles like the NES, Famicom, SNES, and more. While they may look old school, the 8bitdo models are all wireless and some have even added additional shoulder buttons and analog sticks.

Although the controllers do support the Switch, you'll need to update the firmware by downloading it manually from the 8bitdo website. When you update to the latest firmware, version 4.0, you'll lose iCade mode and Keyboard mode, but expand the controller's capabilities to include compatibility with the Switch. 8bitdo states that while all the controllers can be used, only the NES30 Pro and the FC30 Pro offer full compatibility since they have the required number of buttons to map into what the native Switch controller offers. Naturally, even though they are compatible, you still won't be able to access rumble, motion controls or NFC, since these controllers do not natively offer those features to begin with. You can see the screenshot above for additional details.

While this might not be interesting to some, the 8bitdo controllers do present another option that is extremely reliable, comfortable, and also much cheaper than buying a Switch Pro Controller - granted, you won't get a special message nestled in the crevice of the device, but you should be okay.

Source: 8bitdo via Nintendo Life, Engadget

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