A Fireside Chat with Style XP Developers

Thanks aco for the heads up on this one. Deviantart sat down with TGTSoft to discuss the latest skinning application to hit the web. Here is a blurb: TGT Soft is the company behind Style XP, which offers Windows XP users the ability to utilize third-party XP visual styles, distributed in the .msstyles format. Since the introduction of Style XP a few short weeks ago there has been some controversy surrounding the validity of the software. deviantART recently sat down with TGT Soft in order to discuss exactly what Style XP does, what their plans are and what Microsoft thinks of their allowing third-party developers to utilize their own format.

deviantART: Does Style XP only work on Windows XP? If so, are there any plans to port it to other versions of Microsoft operating systems?

TGT Soft: Style XP only works on Windows XP and there are no plans to make the skins work on 95, 98, 2000, Me or NT 4.0. Although, one could do it. If there is enough demand, we would certainly look into it.

deviantART: What do you think of Brad Wardell's comment that Style XP is merely a hacked .dll?

TGT Soft: I personally believe that Brad is a little paranoid. In my opinion, he was attempting to spread FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) because he feared the product would sway persons away from WindowBlinds. I encourage users to try out both products and draw their own conclusions. I encourage users to use both products if they like. I hope that in the future, Brad can focus on the strengths of his own products.

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