Abit to Introduce Motherboard with HDMI

Abit is set to unveil a MicroATX form factor motherboard which features onboard HDMI output - a first for the industry. The board, dubbed the IL-80MV, features the Intel 945GT chipset designed for Intel's current Yonah and upcoming Memom core Core Solo and Core Duo processors. It includes a single x1 PCI Express lane and two PCI slots which could possibly be used for an HDTV capture card or WiFi adapter, which combined with HDMI output make it an ideal platform for a low-noise, low-power home theater PC.

The preliminary pictures of DailyTech's website show the board will include the standard assortment of features including high definition audio, firewire, and USB 2.0. Additionally, Abit promises the final board will include a variant of its OTES cooling system. While board does not include an x16 PCI-E slot for a graphics card, the target market is certainly not the high-end gamer.

Pricing for the IL-80MV is not set, but it should debut at a lower price point than other Core ready desktop boards given the stripped-down nature of its feature set.

News source: DailyTech

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