Activision to "bring entertainment to troops"

Activision, publishers of the popular game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, as well as the upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: World at War, have announced a partnership with the USO which will provide up to $20,000 of donations to the non-profit organization. The highly anticipated first-person shooter is due to be released on Veterans Day (November 11), and Activision have announced that they will be running pre-release events at two GameStop stores in the U.S, where there will be the chance to play in multiplayer competitions with members of the military.

With a set maximum of $20,000, for every sale of Call of Duty: World at War at the Washington D.C GameStop, $10 will be donated to the USO. Activision has also stated that they have donated over $100,000 worth of the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to the USO as well. The USO (United Services Organizations) provides recreational facilities for active servicemen in order to give troops a home away from home feeling and a break from their duties. They have gaming lounges and clubs located internationally, which is where the games will be used by the American servicemen.

Players at the two events (see the link below for location details) will have the chance to play 6 vs. 6 games via satellite against real servicemen, playing from within the U.S. By doing this, Activision hope to "bring entertainment to the troops this holiday season", and at the same time give their latest game published a good lift off too. The game is due to be released on all platforms, on November 11 for North America, and will be available in Europe by November 14.

Link: Link to GameStop Call of Duty Events

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