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AdDuplex: 82.4% of Windows 10 Mobile devices are running the Anniversary Update

AdDuplex has released its latest monthly Windows-tracking stats, which monitors usage across its advertising network to provide a detailed breakdown of Microsoft's ecosystem. Normally, the company focuses on phones, but last month, it added version usage of Windows 10 for PCs.

The data is gathered over a 24-hour period - in this case, September 20, 2016 (UTC) - and it's based on over 5,000 apps that use the AdDuplex v.2 (and higher) SDK. Starting with Windows phones:

We can see that the Lumia 535 is still the top Windows phone - as it has been since April - jumping 0.3% from last month's 12.3%. The Lumia 520 increased as well, as it was 10.4% last month. The Lumia 630, 640, and 640 XL all dropped by 0.2%, while the 530 gained 0.1%.

The Lumia 920 has finally dropped off of the top ten, being replaced by the 540. The most popular non-Lumia Windows phone is the Samsung ATIV S, coming in at a very low #31.

And then we have the devices that are running Windows 10 Mobile:

We can see that the Lumia 550 is the most popular Windows 10 Mobile phone, increasing 0.6% since last month. The Lumia 535 increased by the same amount, and it jumped into second place because of it. The 640, on the other hand, dropped by 0.5%, forcing it down into third place. The Lumia 650 jumped by 0.7%, knocking the 950 out of fifth place, even though it too gained 0.2%.

The top Windows phone manufacturers haven't changed; Microsoft still dominates it. Of course, if you think that's bad, the Windows 10 Mobile numbers are even worse.

Next up, we have Windows phone OS versions:

Windows 10 Mobile remains exactly where it was last month, at 14.0%. Windows Phone 8.1 has actually increased from 77.3%, and Windows Phone 7.x and 8.0 declined by 0.5% and 0.1%, respectively.

As AdDuplex notes, many Windows phones were unable to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, and the ones that did had to opt into it, with no alert on how to do so. It's not likely that the 14% number will change by much, until Windows Phone 8.1 users move on to something else.

Windows 10 Mobile versions are a bit more optimistic, even if it's only because they don't show just how few people are using the platform.

A whopping 82.4% of Windows 10 Mobile users are already on the Anniversary Update, an increase from 52.4% last month. Rs2 builds are down from 6.3%, and 1511 is down from 41.3%.

Windows 10 for PCs shows that Anniversary Update usage is up to 34.5%, compared to last month's 16.2%. The full rollout of the Update won't be completed until November, so this number is to be expected. Version 1511 is still on the majority of Windows 10 PCs; however, this should change soon.

Finally, we have PC OEMs:

As AdDuplex notes, the top ten are the same as they were three months ago. There are some modest changes in the numbers, but that's about it.

You can view the full report from AdDuplex here.

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