Adobe slashes prices ahead of parliamentary hearing

Following yesterday’s report that Adobe, Apple and Microsoft are to appear in front of the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications to answer question on IT pricing, not only has Adobe responded by providing full cooperation to the committee, but it has reduced the pricing of its Creative Cloud Membership in Australia from AU$62.99 to AU$49.99 per month.

A statement from Adobe reads:

Creative Cloud membership pricing in Australia for individuals has been reduced to AU$49.99 on an annual subscription per month for new and current customers, effective immediately.

While the individual subscriptions are being reduced by AU$13, the team subscription option is still $87.49 per month.

Only Adobe will be able to tell us if this is a move to reward existing and potential customers, but the likelihood of it being a kneejerk reaction to be summoned in front of a government committee is very high indeed.

To put things into perspective, in the UK the same subscription costs £46.88 per month and the US is $49.99 per month. Based on exchange rates at the time of writing, the AU$ to GBP and US$ UK subscription is AU$71.38 (UK) and the US is AU$48.79 (US). This means that the US and Australia are on a par with each other, but the UK still pays a premium in comparison to both of them for the same service. Although Australia was still less expensive that the UK, even before the price drop.

Microsoft and Apple, it’s your move. Adobe has set the precedent thus far.

Source: ZDNet

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