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AIMutation 0.1beta

AIMutation is a freeware plug-in for AIM v5.x and above. Simply install it and it'll do its work, no need to run it as a seperate application as it integrates with AIM. In this first public release we decided to concentrate on stability and speed so the features are few at the moment but so are the bugs :). It allows the skinning of the AIM buddylist window, the buttons and the menus. It uses our regular skin format so you can take Argus 2.x and 3.x or Inedita 1.0 skins and port them easily to AIMutation skins.

With time and your support ( https://www.545studios.com/?dest=subscribe ) we hope to add a lot more features and functionality to AIMutation to make it more than just a skinning tool so please support us if you find AIMutation useful and you're able to do so!

Download: AIMutation 0.1beta

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