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Almost 17% of Steam users updated Windows 11

Windows 11 10 and 7 Logos

Steam published the results of its monthly Hardware Survey among gamers. According to the data for March 2022, Windows 11 continues climbing and stealing users from Windows 10.

Approximately 16.84% of Steam customers now use Windows 11. In March 2022, the operating system gained 1.25 points (15.59% in February 2022) primarily due to Windows 10 users upgrading their computers to the newer OS.

Despite growing in preference among gamers, Windows 11 somewhat stalled on the global market. Recent data from Adduplex revealed that the operating system globally gained little to no users in March 2022.

Although Windows 10 lost some ground in March, it remains the dominant OS across Steam. In the last month, 74.69% (-1.00) of Steam customers reported using Windows 10. Windows 7 64-bit, the third most popular operating system on Steam, has 4.14% (+0.06) despite now being dead unsupported for more than two years.

Overall, Windows has a 96.57% (+0.21) share on Steam. Apple's macOS is second with 2.43% (-0.19), and Linux has 1.00% (-0.02).

Finally, here is the most popular hardware configurations on Steam as of March 2022:

CPU Manufacturer: Intel 69.34% (+0.28), AMD 30.66% (-0.26), and Microsoft 0.02%
CPU Specs: 4 physical cores (-1.22) with 2.3-2.69 GHz clocks (-0.41)
GPU Manufacturer: Nvidia 77.13% (+0.99), AMD 14.15% (-0.67), Intel 8.52% (-0.31), Other 0.2%
GPU Models: GTX 1060, GTX 1650, and RTX 2060 (replacing GTX 1050 Ti)
Screen resolution: 1920x1080 (single-monitor) and 3840x1080 (multi-monitor)
VR: Oculus Quest 2 47.35% (+0.24), Valve Index 15.09% (+0.66%),
Oculus Rift S 11.6% (-0.8)

Source: Steam.

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