Almost 45% of all Steam gamers are now using Windows 10

Almost three months ago, Valve reported that 38.28% of Steam gamers use Windows 10, while Windows 7 was being utilized by 39.96% of the service's users. Now, according to the latest statistics revealed by the company, almost half of all Steam gamers are using Windows 10.

95.50% gamers on Steam are currently using Windows on their rigs, which is a 0.08% increase from May 2016. 42.94% of these users utilize the 64-bit version of Windows 10 for their gaming needs, which is a marked increase of 3.38% when compared to the statistics revealed in May. Windows 7 is at second place, commanding a user base of 36.97%, which is a noticeable decrease of 2.05%.

Meanwhile, the OSX user base appears to have stagnated and is holding 3.60% of the Steam gaming market share, while Linux has faced a decrease of 0.04% that brings it down to a total of 0.80% of Steam users playing on a Linux-powered machine.

Other interesting stats revealed by the company indicate that 32.30% of Steam gamers on Windows have 8GB of RAM installed on their systems. More than three-quarters utilize Intel CPUs, while the rest make use of AMD CPUs. The most popular GPU on DX10, DX11 and DX12 systems is the NVIDIA GTX 970, while the primary display resolution is 1920 x 1080 on single monitors and 3840 x 1080 on multi-monitor setups. Furthermore, 34.22% of Steam users have 1GB of VRAM on their systems, a slight increase of 0.45% when compared to the figures released in May.

With Windows 10 now on more than 350 million devices, the number of PCs running Steam on Microsoft's latest OS can only be expected to climb. The company is working hard to attract gamers to Windows 10 by offering AAA titles like Gears of War, Forza, and Rise of the Tomb Raider in the Windows Store, while also introducing cross-platform gaming programs like Xbox Play Anywhere to entice users to upgrade to the latest version of its OS.

Source: Valve

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