Although the OnePlus 5 just got announced, it's already getting tested to its limits

It has only been a short time since the launch of the OnePlus 5, but there is already a video up that involves pushing the handset to its limits - exposing its strengths and weaknesses.

Like most phones, the OnePlus 5 passes the screen scratch test with relative ease and should be okay against normal everyday encounters. While the fingerprint sensor looks to be glass, it is actually made from ceramic and it does not scratch when prodded by a razor blade. Although the body of the device can be scratched using excessive force, it will not yield when rubbing against items like coins or keys. There might be light scuffs, but the anodized aluminum allows the markings to be rubbed off like nothing happened.

Like many previous tests, the handset's display was subjected to extreme heat using a lighter and managed to withstand the blaze for 40 seconds. Unlike an LCD that can recover, the AMOLED screen was left with a white haze where the flame had been applied.

During its presentation, the firm touted how it fit a wide variety of enhancements into the 7.25mm thin OnePlus 5. Luckily, that thinness doesn't seem to be a weak point during the bend test. Although the screen does pop out a bit, the device does not crumble under the pressure of being bent from the front or the back. If interested and located in the US or EU, you can now purchase the handset starting at $479.

Source: JerryRigEverything

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