AMD accidentally leaks info about 246 launch

SOMEONE AT AMD left for his or her holiday a day early and hit "Send" when she or he should've have, resulting in some interesting goodies leaking out in our general direction. Chimpzilla draws up its PR schedule well in advance, and the document we've seen has some tantalizing hints about what may be coming down the pipe. Apparently we've got the unveiling of the official AMD 64 logo coming in late July, an announcement on Microsoft BSP support within the next week, and, most interestingly of all, an announcement on the fourth of August heralding the launch of the Opteron 246 (aka, 2 GHz).

This'll come as a disappointment for those who were hoping Opteron would tip over in July, but August fourth isn't such a bad date - assuming, of course, that it doesn't slip. The appearance of the 2 GHz version should help push prices lower on the 240-244 range of chips.

Unfortunately, there's no word in the leak on whether or not AMD is going to be launching AMD 64 a week earlier than originally planned, but we'll keep our ears to the ground, a finger to the wind, and our nose to the grindstone — despite the supreme difficulty of working in such a position

News source: The Inq

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