AMD makes all out attack on Intel P4 Celeron

A document AMD is showing its customer's describes Intel's new Celeron designs as being "all bark and no bite".

The piece, however, refers to the 1.8GHz and the 1.7GHz Pentium 4 Celerons that use the Willamette core and have 128K of level two cache.

AMD claims that most 1.7GGHz and 1.8GHz Celerons using this design come with an i845G chipset and that this combination "struggles to run some of today's latest entertainment applications".

It quotes PC World for the "bark and no bite" quotation, has Keven Krewell at Microdesign resources saying: "I think Intel's handling of [this] Celeron represents a complete disregard for its customers" and quotes Van's HW as saying: "Alas, Intel has delivered another spineless processor to the uninformed masses".

The document contains a chart that compares Intel processors to AMD's.

AMD lists the applications that Celerons in combination with the 845G chipset can't run as Tiger Woods 2002, which won't play in hardware mode; Spiderman, which crashes; Nascar 2002 which crashes.

News source: The Inquirer

Screenshot: Amd vs. Intel

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