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AMD pins 2002 hopes on Hammer

AMD'S analyst conference today revealed the extent to which the company believes its 64-bit "Hammer" architecture will benefit it next year. AMD luminaries on the stage included Jerry Sanders III+, Athlon and Hammer chip architect Dirk Meyer, CEO pretender Hector Ruiz and Rob Herb.

Meyer said that AMD will manage to keep the delta between the performance of its processors and the competition next year. He said: "Hammer has both frequency and architectural advantages and will maintain those advantages." And Sanders said: "Hammer will offer performance and price advantage in 2001 and help gain market share". It emerged during the conference call that the Hammer will use a .09 micron process and only measure 64 square millemeters.

Sanders said he believed that the performance of AMD chips and his company's ability to deliver would continue to put pressure on Intel, which, he added, was unable to deliver products people wanted.

News source: The Inquirer

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