AMD talks up Duron's future

AMD in Germany expects to still be selling Durons into 2003, despite CEO Jerry Sanders suggestion that the chip had had its day.

Jan Gutter of AMD Deutchland told tecChannel that although Athlon XP will seep down into lower price brackets low-cost Duron would still figure among AMD's offerings into next year.

CEO Sanders suggested in and teleconference last week that the Athlon would have a presence in all price brackets, leaving no room for the cut-price Duron.

AMD's own roadmaps say the Duron will be produced "as long as the market requires it". Consumers soon finding little price differential between low-speed Athlon XPs and the cut-down Duron, will likely choose the former.

Gutter suggests price cutting on XP chips will be slower than many - possibly including Sanders - predict.

News source: The Inquirer

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