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An MP3 player no bigger than a Lipstick

OK, this is actually rather neat, and thanks go to GeekNews for this beauty.

Lets call this portable the second smallest MP3 player on the market. Digital Global Network's new MPIO-DMK Keychain portable is bested by Panasonic's SV-SD80 by a few sixteenths of an inch and weighs 29 ounces versus the SV-SD80's 26.1 ounces. Despite just missing the title of World's Smallest, the MPIO-DMK does better the Panasonic in one area. It has double the memory, and a whopping $100 less...

Available with 128MB of memory on-board memory, the MPIO-DMK jumps into a higher league occupied right now by just a few flash memory players.

"The MPIO- DMK MP3 Player is truly one of the smallest MP3 players that have yet to be introduced to the market," said Joseph Lee, President of DGN. "With the incredible small size and large memory capacity, this player offers the best of both worlds for consumers."

Of course the smaller the unit, the smaller the controls and the less room for handy options. Tiny players tend to be basic strip down affairs and they have less room for memory. Still, for many the convenience of small size outweighs the limitations.

The MPIO-DMK transfers files via a USB connection and is both Mac and PC compatible. Running off of a single AAA battery, the player has a backlit LCD that can display track information in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French.

News source: MP3 News Wire

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