Android Gingerbread leak continues: screen-off animation video

On Monday, we reported a leaked photo that allegedly showed off the homescreen from the next version of Android (Gingerbread). The blurry picture alone left plenty of room for skepticism, as nearly any custom ROM could produce a similar looking layout. However, it seems that Phandroid has finally managed to get video of the OS in action.

The video doesn't show anything too groundbreaking, but it does show off a cool little effect that no known custom ROM has. This leads many to believe that the blurry picture from Monday is actually legitimate, as it seems to have been taken from the video. This would further boost the credibility of Phandroid's source and the information aquired from it.

As part of Gingerbread, we know that Google plans some welcomed changes to the user interface. Among these changes is reported to be an iOS-like bounce in the menus. The video below shows off what seems to be a screen-off animation. It sort of looks like what happens when you shut off an old TV. Phandroid also says that it's still digging for more information/footage to hold Android users over until Gingerbread goes gold. The most recent timeframe announced was Q4 2010. It can't be too long now.

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