New MacBook Air ships without Adobe Flash

In a slight surprise to some users, although not to too many in the tech world, Apple taking is their mission of adding iPad features into the Macbook Air to the extreme by shipping it without Adobe Flash support pre-installed. This is unlike previous releases of both Mac hardware and the OS X software that had a tendency to come with Adobe Flash already installed as a plug-in for Safari. Apple has, in many peoples eyes, seen it fit to increase its war with the company by doing this. 

I went into the Apple store myself today to try out the new MacBook Air and can confirm that Adobe flash wasn't installed, but a helpful staff member went ahead and installed it for me straight away when I asked about it and played dumb. Nothing else has changed, though. You can still happily install the software yourself if you desire, but Apple has clearly decided to try and move away from the pre-installed route, probably to try and see if users will even bother installing it themselves.

It is currently unknown whether Apple will continue this trend when they release other new hardware (other than the obvious lack on the iPad and iPhone) and if it will also no longer ship Flash with OS X 10.7 Lion in its summer release next year.

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