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Anti-cheat system discovered laying dormant in Splatoon 2

After its rather popular Global Testfire event early in 2017, Splatoon 2 subsequently launched several months later on July 21. Unfortunately, since then, hacking has become a prominent issue that has negatively impacted the online gaming experience for many. In fact, it led to the somewhat ironic method employed by one gamer who called out the issue to Nintendo by using hacks to manipulate an in-game leaderboard to implore the company to add an anti-cheat system.

Now, it appears that plea has finally been answered after it was discovered that Nintendo had implemented integrity checks into the game as of version 3.1.0 which was released during the month of June. While the means to detect abuse has been lurking under the covers for the last couple of months, the company has yet to actually start doling out bans to those caught by the new integrity checks. While the inner workings of how the system works remain unknown, it is believed that bans would be applied one day after having been flagged.

However, according to oatmealdome.me, there may be some activities that are "probably still safe", specifically:

  • Model edits
  • Music replacement
  • Text mods
  • Save edits, provided what you are doing can be considered as legitimate
  • and more...

Of course, it remains to be seen when the switch will be flicked on the new cheat detection system and whether or not it will be effective enough to stamp out unwanted behavior in Splatoon 2.

Source: oatmealdome.me via Nintendo Life

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