AOL Codename Cayman Web Mail Beta 3

AOL has released Beta 3 of its new web mail client. It now has a new color scheme and redesigned buttons. Print functionality has been added and the Spam folder now includes a count of unread messages next to it
A free AOL account (AOL or AIM Screen Name) is needed to participate in the beta program. Windows 98 and Opera are currently not supported. Mac OS X only works with Firefox: Safari also incompatible. Once signed up, in order to switch back to AOL or AIM mail, a user can still sign in at


  • The option to include a display name along with your email address. Instead of - mail you send being seen as coming from just your email address (e.g., "", you can now attach your name to it (e.g., "Grace Gabavonovitch "
  • Instant Messaging preferences that allow you to choose AIM or AIM Express as your preferred method for sending IMs while using Web Mail
  • Right click context menu changes:
    • In all message list views (for each type of folder)
    • In the folder list
  • Footer messaging on numerous actions (you'll see a blurb in the bottom area) to help you navigate the Web Mail functions.
  • "Pop Out" windows for read and compose mail are now the default (you can change this in the Settings)
  • A "Welcome to Mail" tour
  • Performance improvements for folks using the Internet Explorer 6 browser note
  • Bugs Fixed in Beta 3 Build 25322:
    • Performance issues with Internet Explorer 6—particularly when you clicked on an action for the first time—have been significantly improved.
    • The Spell Check should no longer highlight words that are obviously misspelled.
    • AIM Mail users who delete default folders will no longer break the inability to send and receive mail.
    • Column order and column name (To) is no longer carried over to other folders if the column order is changed in "Sent" folder
    • The Print Email button has been added.
    • You will now be able to create Distribution list in Contacts
    • If a contact does not have a Buddy or Contact Image, a broken icon will no longer be displayed.
    • Event detail dialog is no longer missing the time dropdowns for user to pick up time from.
    • The content in the "Add Note" text box is now cleared for the new "To Do's."
    • When you delete repeating events, you will no longer be asked whether you want to delete this event or delete this and Future Events.
    • Your signature and incorrectly spelled words will no longer appear as hyperlinks when they are read by your message's recipient.
This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system
Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks MchWalte)
News source: AOL Beta Central

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