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Apple alters world map to show better iPhone 3G availability

Those who paid attention to Apple's recent press event may have noticed something a bit dodgy about the world map portraying the availability of the iPhone 3G. The company announced the availability of the iPhone 3G in 80 countries now, but apparently some of those who don't have it didn't show up on the world map.

The news comes from The Inquirer, or specifically, a reader of the website named Baldvin Mar Smárason. He said, "Apple removed two countries from the world map in iPhone 3.0 promo. They removed both Iceland and Greenland from their world map so the map of iPhone availability would look better,' adding "They did this also when they launched iPhone 2.0."

You're probably questioning the integrity of both The Inquirer and the reader now, but I've included a map below, showing the changes.

Obviously, the people of Iceland are very offended, and it'll be interesting to see how (or if) Apple responds to this. What are your thoughts?

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