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Rumor: Next gen iPhone to feature much faster internet speed

More rumors pointing to a next generation iPhone have come out, this time pointing to the iPhone 3G's questionable 3G speeds. According to Business Insider, the next generation iPhone will (when inevitably released) feature faster WiFi speeds, as well as hopefully faster cellular speeds.

Most of the rumors floating around have been regarding the iPhone's processor, as well as graphics, so it's interesting to see one come out regarding wireless power. Business Week reportedly has an "industry plugged-in" source, who called the speed increases "significant". In addition to this, they have posted some interesting thoughts, shown below.

* This can't be referring to AT&T's 4G (LTE) network, because that won't be ready for a year or more.
* This might be referring to faster wifi, and not faster 3G access? (802.11n vs. its current 802.11g/b.)
* AT&T has repeatedly vowed to speed up its 3G network via updates to the network. Is it possible that the current iPhone can't support those increased speeds?
* We don't expect Apple to comment, but we've asked.
* Either way, we hope it's true. At least in New York, the iPhone's pokey 3G speed has been its biggest shortcoming.

Electronista has also posted these thoughts:

However, the most likely change is the addition of support for speed-doubled 7.2Mbps 3G given both hardware manufacturer and carrier plans. Infineon should have a new 3G chipset starting from mid-year that would support the faster speeds while also improving battery life. At the same time, AT&T has been trialing 7.2Mbps 3G since late 2008 and should roll out the speedier service this year. The provider has stressed that many of its cell towers can be upgraded solely through software rather than new equipment.

Current iPhones are limited in hardware to 3.6Mbps 3G and couldn't themselves be upgraded.

Again, don't expect anything official from Apple just yet, but all signs seem to point towards a new and vastly improved iPhone this year, especially with the recent iPhone OS 3.0 beta released, and various hints discovered within it. Thoughts?

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