Apple, AT&T face lawsuit again regarding 3G speeds

Yet another lawsuit is filed against Apple and AT&T claiming that the iPhone fails to live up to 3G speeds, and claims that the AT&T's infrastructure cannot handle the overwhelming 3G signal in comparison to the huge number of iPhones sold. A long list of problems which were not fixed or worsened by the iPhone's 2.0 & 2.1 software updates, cracks formed in the iPhone casing due to faulty manufacturing, are also mentioned in the complaint.

This is the second lawsuit filed this week against Apple among many others over the past several months. Apple and AT&T have already been sued in the past for similar reasons and for not maintaining a consistent 3G service.

The iPhone 3G television advertisements which exaggerated the speed of the iPhone 3G were banned after viewers complained that the ads were misleading. In response to one such suit Apple argued that no reasonable person would take the statements in iPhone 3G ads as fact. Besides a study carried out by Wired last year to test iPhone 3G speeds concluded that iPhone data speed problems have more to do with the carriers' networks than with Apple's handsets.

Similarly, when Blackberry Storm's bumpy start was questioned, RIM's Co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie told that such bug fixes are now quite common as the devices become too complex to handle. If so, what about the frustrated customers buying these devices? Should they come up with an answer in the form of lawsuits?

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