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Apple boycott trends on Google+

If you weren't already aware, Google added another feature to Google+ recently, in the form of Trending Topics. The feature, which is more famous thanks to Twitter's usage of it, helps to find topics of interest to people geographically near you. Google+ focuses more on a wide scale with their trending, showing topics which are big among users across the world. This is setting up for a joke about Google+ having very few global users, but we'll try and skip over that.

A United States judge gave Apple an injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; the flagship Android 4.0 smartphone, and the Nexus fans do not like this. They do not like this one bit. The trend, which can be viewed here, is flowing quickly as fans flock to abuse the Cupertino-based company for their actions. Their actions have been divisive, with some Apple fans even disapproving of the company's litigation techniques. Little can be done, but there are plenty of arguments coming across the service, as well as some image macros that could recur in the future. We won't comment on the factual accuracy of the statements, though some of them are fairly humorous.

Apple uses small teams of 3 to produce iPhone features.
A designer to make it pretty.
A developer to make it functional.
And a lawyer to sue Android.

If you've been keeping up to date with the Apple-Samsung legal conflict, it is no new thing. These skirmishes have been ongoing since last year, if not earlier. Neither company is willing to back down, and their fans are only too willing to agree with their favorite side. As was to be expected, the pictures appearing are heavily biased against Apple, though the trending topic is specifically #BoycottApple, so this is to be expected. It would appear that #BoycottSamsung also exists, though the topic is nowhere near as active.

Conflict with Samsung has went in Apple's way in the past, and judging by the injunction against the Galaxy Nexus it seems likely to continue to go their way now. Previously, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned from sale in Germany. This meant that a revised model, the Tab 10.1N, was released to avoid clashing with the design Apple used for their iPad tablet. The Galaxy S, S II, and Ace all came under fire as well for bearing more than a passing resemblance to Apple's smartphones in the past.

It would also be worth pointing out that the Nexus design is not what has caused the injunction against Samsung, for it really does not look a thing like the iPhone. The chief cause is four patents Apple own which are breached by Android 4.0. The specific patents are not particularly important to the average consumer, though Apple places enough value on them to stop any import of the Nexus for some time.

Keep an eye on the trend, for it is only becoming more interesting as more views chime in to share their opinions on the actions of Apple. As you'd expect the views are not always unbiased, but they can be an interesting read just for the sake of understanding the mindsets of others.

Image via: Google+

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