Apple introducing new, cheaper Macs very shortly?

What have we got here? A delicious Apple rumor, of which could actually be true, taking into account the current economy. As AppleInsider is reporting, various sources have informed the technology world that Apple is gearing up to release "more affordable versions of both the 13-inch MacBook and iMac, according to people who've proven extremely reliable in predicting Apple's future business directions."

So, what's the deal with the price drops? In a word, netbooks. Apparently that while these miniature computers aren't threatening Apple's profits from the Mac business, they are showing the Cupertino-based company that their potential to grow in terms of OS market share is at risk, due to the cheaper nature of the netbooks.

For the 3 month period that ended in March, Mac units had contracted by 3 percent, which is the first time in 6 years that the shipment of their computers has reversed in growth direction. AppleInsider says that, "the company plans to institute changes that will rekindle growth and help it better contend against a barrage of cheap netbooks, all without devaluing the customer experience that had previously driven Mac growth for 23 straight quarters."

It's expected that these price drops, whilst currently undetailed, will come into effect when the MacBook line is refreshed, which could possibly even be at the WWDC.

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