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Apple launches a web portal that will allow users to manage their Apple Card

The Apple Card was launched back in 2019 in collaboration with Goldman Sachs. Up till now, users had to rely solely on the Wallet app on the iPhone to manage it. But with the introduction of the web portal Apple has now announced, this is about to change.

Apple's new web portal will provide you with an interface to view and pay your Apple Card outstanding balance via your desktop or laptop. This would be a welcome addition since if you previously lost your iPhone, the only way to pay off your balance was to phone Goldman Sach’s helpline. Now you can use the web portal.

Naturally, the portal will also show you your available credit and provide you with the ability to view and download bank statements in Portable Document Format (PDF) format as well. It will also give you a quick way to link or to remove connected bank accounts and initiate scheduled payments.

As 9to5Mac noted, this change comes after users complained that the service had no web presence despite the fact that the Apple Card was touted as a futuristic and premium experience. Apple listened to those complaints and has launched the web portal as a response.

Apple has continued to improve the Apple Card experience since its introduction back in March 2019. Just recently, Apple expanded the 0% interest Apple Card financing options to include more devices including the iPad, MacBook, iMac, and accessories like the AirPods. The Cupertino firm also introduced the ability to export Apple Card transactions into a spreadsheet back in January.

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