Apple pushes critical automatic update to most Mac users

Folks might very well be wary when they hear that Apple has automatically installed something on their Macs, but this time the company is using its powers to help its users.

The company has decided to use, for the first time ever, a seamless and automatic updater built into the Mac OS X systems. Apple pushed out an update last night that fixed a critical flaw in the operating system’s NTP, network time protocol.

The flaw was discovered by researchers at Google and was made public by the US government which warned companies – many of which can be affected as this is not a Mac OS specific flaw – to update their systems.

It’s interesting to note that this is the first time ever that Apple has employed its automatic update system, which, according to a company spokesperson “is seamless [and] doesn’t even require a restart”. The update was pushed to users on Yosemite, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Apple said it hasn’t had any reports of Macs being exploited with this bug.

Source: Reuters

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