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Apple Web hole still open

Apple has still not properly fixed the HFS+ filesystem named fork vulnerability discovered last week, according to the company that first noticed it, NetSec. The fix put out by the company at the end of last week will only address the security flaw for OS X systems running the Apache web server which is shipped by default. Customers using other web servers such as 4D WebSTAR remain vulnerable the managed security specialist has claimed.

In addition, those running modified versions of the Apache web server on OS X would not have received the update patch automatically, but would not necessarily realize this. The vulnerability could allow attackers to exploit URLs to gain access to back-end data structures and carry out website defacement or information theft. NetSec said it was not aware of any live exploits at the present time. However, it had decided to alert the Apple community to the issue after the exploit topic started being discussed on public domain sites.

News source: Macworld | UK

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